We are proud to announce the Nominees and Selected Recipients of the 'Dreamers and Shapers' Awards.  

Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LaBitConf) in Santiago de Chile, on 8 Dec 2018.

We congratulate ALL Applicants that made it to the Nominee stage and WELCOME them all to the b4H Community.

2018 Dreamers award

Crypto Development Fund (CDF)

Crypto Development Fund (CDF)

The CDF creates an investment platform through which international investors can invest in promising, high-impact startups from developing countries. The funding is based on milestones and impact reports which have to be prepared by the startups and validated by different partners. This allows for increased transparency but also for industry reports once the platform has attracted a certain number of investors.

Waba Network

Waba Network

They have built two networks on blockchain that solve problems of the everyday economy. The first one is, which allows 800 micro-SMEs in many different Argentinian cities to sell more and access to credit. On the other hand, Discoin was launched a year after MonedaPar. It is a network which encourages citizens to shop local at 40 shops in La Plata, Argentina. Thanks to Discoin, local businesses can use their idle capacity, while keeping the wealth within the city.

Cripto Conserje

Cripto Conserje

Educate users and business owners to transact with cryptocurrencies which can provide economic stability to LATAM, particularly in places such as Venezuela where communities are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine.

2018 shaPERS award



HelperBit developed a transparency donation platform where people can donate directly to NGOs for generic causes or to other entities (such as civil protections, hospitals, municipalities..) involved in the emergency management. Even verified single users in need can directly benefit from worldwide donations.



Helping governments & NGOs in bringing socio-economic inclusion to people at the fringes of society by giving them a digital identity. Absolving the world of invisible people & improving the process of humanitarian relief action!



Financial inclusion and blockchain ecosystem developing in Argentinian slums. Digital identities, property certifying and social inclusion for the people that is living out of the regular system.

2018 Nominees

Kidner Project

Kidner is a platform that helps healthcare facilities finding match for kidney paired-donation. It's a global database, Blockchain-based, secured with cryptographic tools. Kidner increases the chance to find rapidly a proper match while being fully protected. Kidner offers the opportunity to extend paired exchange for all incompatible donor-recipient pairs in a secure and rapid way.


AidCoin enables donations in 28 cryptos to charities registered at AIDChain platform.


Transparent, inclusive and cost-efficient blockchain ecosystem that helps draw financing into low-carbon economy and therefore fights climate change. Allows transparent P2P operations with verified carbon units, renewable energy certificates and other green financial instruments.

Bitland Global

Land Title Registration backed by a blockchain based protocol

Give Bytes is a crowdfunding platform where users can support fundraising campaigns of their choice by donating their computing power to mine cryptocurrency and matching it through CSR with corporate money.

EV Share

The real electric, shared, autonomous, clean, blockchain based community-driven, zero-emissions, energy and transportation system for smart cities.


DAppnode is a software that allows to easily deploy own nodes and DApps as the access way to a real decentralized web and world that will change the status quo. DApnode allows to develop communities by generating income and building trusted networks that are connected to a DAppnode

Ethic Hub

Peer to peer micro lending for farmers that connect them directly with the investors via blockchain


Advance community work by linking together localized and decentralized communities. Concretely, we propose a model in which self-governing community members get together in a physical location and contribute to the growth of that location based on a set of DAO-like rules.

Proyecto Comedor (Community Driven Dining Room)

The project that certifies, via blockchain, a human effort of group of 15 women who are making food for the people in needs in Argentinian Slams.

The Sun Protocol

We are creating a blockchain in and for rural Africa. For that we provide with our partners or ourselves affordable electricity and internet access. With the electricity we introduce a loyalty program, that uses a wallet and a token as mean of distribution and transaction. This creates what we call the energy standard - a token worth exactly a fixed amount of electricity.

ACT project

ACT is a curation market and decentralized crowdfunding dApp. Any number of "ACT Funds" can be created which all utilise our decentralized curation engine where curators are rewarded for their work.

Rohingya Project

Empowering stateless Rohingya through a Blockchain-based digital identity system to access financial opportunities.

Decentralized Technologies

Open source movement based in Guatemala, creating and promoting protocols that empower the individuals by giving them access to capital, the ability to claim ownership and the possibility to have multiple purpose based identities on the blockchain.

Blockchain Tierras (Land Registry Colombia)

Addresses the security challenges and the reliability in the adjudication resolutions for the rural land ownership by the state governing body, the Agencia Nacional de Tierras (ANT)


Arcadia enables NGOs to provide peer-to-peer financial services to refugees without requiring partnerships with financial institutions or navigating of cumbersome regulatory landscapes.

Kidner Project

Provide an auditable and accountable record of organ allocations to improve trust in medicine.

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