The Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LaBitConf) hosted the 2019 b4H Awards in Montevideo, Uruguay on Dec 12-13, 2019.

All 2019 Applications demonstrated the impact that emerging technologies offer in support of new projects that aim at changing the status quo and support improved lives and equitable societies.  

We thank all Applicants for taking the time to diligently submitting their information and for sharing their dreams.

About the Awards

The Awards are offered in two categories: DREAMERS and SHAPERS


Those initiatives that meet the qualifications of high potential, impactful projects with a strong use case of the blockchain technology for positive impact.

The ‘Dreamers’ would be considered the projects that will initiate the Catalyzer Program 2020. Projects that qualify under the ‘Dreamers’ award will be further supported by b4H ecosystem of partners and the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.

Shapers (Social Hackers)

Initiatives that have already demonstrated a strong use case or product that falls under the social/environmental impact to make the world a better place. These projects are generally more advanced in their concept and can serve as models for the ‘dreamers’.

This category is viewed as beyond the Catalyzer Program’s goals and would benefit from the brand awareness, media coverage, use case promotion and invitation to Labitconf to present their progress.

2019 Dreamers award



Moved by the unsustainable situation suffered by Venezuelans lack of food, this projects sets out to build an intermediary for charitable donations of physical products governed by conditional payments from a donor to the producer/shop subject to the recipient's confirmation of the physical product.



VenezVit aims at fulfilling unmet needs for live-saving medications to reach people in need. Depending on the country, some regulations impose disposal of medications (from diseased patients) that have been unused and in good conditions to take. VenezVit wants to create an application that helps distribute donated and recycled medications to where it is needed most and can help save lives.



EthKids is a Dapp that enables charity donations for children. An open source, non-commercial decentralized protocol using the dynamic bonding curve model as incentive for donors which allows donation rewards, EthKids tries to solve the problem of short-lasting relations with the donators.



AgUnity empowers small farmers, improving trust and transparency through optimizing co-operatives operation and communication.AgUnity ensures market transparency across the agricultural value chain.

2019 shaPERS award



BanQu brings transparency & traceability in the global supply chain using a non-crypto blockchain platform to connect last-mile farmers and workers to global economy. Its mission is to lift people out of extreme poverty. With over 200K last-mile beneficiaries, BanQu uses a for-profit, for-purpose business model a to connect the users, brands, organizations and governments.

2019 Nominees


Blockchain based Peer-to-Peer Lending with focus on Microfinance where all parties reap the benefits. A continuing low-interest environment, searching for yield and an ever increasing higher prioritization of social objectives makes this market, however, also very attractive for foreign investors who are willing to lend at significantly lower rates.

Closing The Loop

Closing the Loop is aiming at providing solid proof to donors on funds allocation and spending. Increase trust, dignity and equality among NGOs and beneficiaries, Donors and NGOs. Increase impact measurement in humanitarian aid distribution.

Social Diner Project

The Social Diner Project encourages and rewards social diner volunteers by accurately registering work effort carried out to prepare food and feed the people. At the same time, it is creating an internal economy within the vulnerable neighbourhoods in Argentina.

Artisan OrigIn

A / O is created with the purpose of professionalizing the artisanal industry, through tools that validate, certify and document; master craftsmen, techniques, materials, creation story. It consists of a blockchain certification for every artisan, as a digital sign to validate their origin. With Artisan Origin a new way of empowering artisan work is possible by giving the crafters autonomy and independence.


Shelpin is an full open source model that aims to support a global movement of Socially Responsible businesses, consumers and brands that turns a % of transactions made into traceable, accountable and verifiable donations to selected causes chosen by conscious fans and consumers as a means to achieve a more equitable society.


DORIUM will enable and support social entrepreneurship and economic growth. Its Community evaluates, rewards, creates and finances social and environmental improvements without further fiat currency investment. DORIUM can change the life of billions of people by changing current incentives and creating money backed by the value of social improvements.

Ribbon Blockchain

A Public health incentive app that rewards patients, healthcare practitioners and community health workers for proactively addressing major health issues and allowing greater access to healthcare for the people in South Africa.


Cambiatus facilitates the creation of digital communities (DACs or Decentralized Autonomous Communities, also known as DAOs) seeking to achieve their common social and environmental objectives.Cambiatus offers the technological platform for communities to connect, interact, make decisions and achieve their objectives in a decentralized and resilient way, using social currencies on blockchain as economic incentives.

Grassroots Economics: Community Inclusion Currencies (CIC)

Through community currencies people have a way to exchange goods and services and incubate new businesses, without relying on scarce national currency and volatile markets. Community Inclusion Currencies (CICs), A Grassroots Economics project, propose reinventing cash transfer programs to act as a catalyst for communities to develop and trade their own medium of exchange (CICs) backed by their own productive capacities. Current pilots in Kenya have shown that CICs enable vulnerable communities to have a long term multiplier.


In support of Climate Action and aiming to help reduce carbon footprint, ClimateTrade offers a platform where businesses, consumers and investors can transact to offset carbon foortprint while incentivizing disruptive technologies and investing in green financial products.


A framework that creates new type of jobs & ieconomic means to people who want to be part of a a new way of value creation that leads them towards solving their own local problems. PhiEconomy's model aims at aligning the right behaviors to get people involved in solving their city/province/nation/global's problems while creating a source of income from it.


A project to build a modern and decentralized economy in Venezuela. They offer financial inclusion to locals in need in the first phase of the program, fostering a local and tokenized economy. They motivate university students to be active users of the blockchain space and provide them with tools to learn and build.


Provides refugees with necessary clothes and essentials.We aim to track the donated currency-convert it to goods-ship and distribute-verify receipt from individual beneficiaries.

The Humanized Internet

Using new technologies to defend the rights of vulnerable people, and give every human being worldwide secure, sovereign control over their own digital identity. Concrete step towards E-sovereignty by providing the basic tools and solving towards persistent storage and selective disclosure.


Enables Community Driven Development supporting the Women's association to focus on sustainable charcoal production. Holding government-issued title to help restore the highly degraded Forest in Ivory Coast; the Women association implements Agro-forestry techniques to produce climate-positive charcoal resulting in a net increase in forest cover.

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