“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -Gandhi


The Blockchain for Humanity foundation takes pride in working closely with inspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. 

We want to stimulate socially responsible businesses to offer more than just benefits to a selected group of shareholders.

We believe in the new wave of entrepreneurs and business leaders that are challenging the traditional extractive bias corporation approach that is mostly aligned with the maximization of quarterly returns for its shareholders.

This new generation entrepreneurs go beyond just creating a sustainable business; they create purpose organizations in pursuit of grassroot social and environmental values above extracting circulating currency from the economy and transfer it into profit. These businesses see the value in having communities reap the benefits instead.

Clayton Christensen’s “The Prosperity Paradox” how innovation can lift nations out of poverty (Alleviating poverty is not the same as creating prosperity) has been an inspiration for our work at the b4H foundation, it validated and reinforced our mission to guide and support market-creating ideas targeted to non-consumers in developing countries.

It shows the catalyzing effects of market-creating, behavior-changing and culture-forming innovation on economic development. 

Every year we have a CALL for APPLICATIONS to search and recognize the efforts of entrepreneurs to use emerging technologies to positively transform the lives of many and address gaps in society and the environment. 

We accept applications all year round, however for the Yearly Awards, we close the applications in November to reveal the selected awardees in December. 


As a foundation whose mission is to see the implementation of blockchain technology based solutions that offer a positive transformation for humanity, we have developed a virtual launching pad approach, namely the Catalyzer Program, that allows us to closely work with projects to create a work plan that shapes their concept, validates their use case, develops a sustainable business model and connects the dots to allow them to build partnerships and leverage collaboration.

How does the Program work?

We have developed a comprehensive approach to the process that increases the chances of success for the awardees and helps in securing the investments for the Investors.

1- Identify, Vet, Select

2- Create Milestone plan with a business and technical roadmap

3- Support ongoing work/activities with coaching from the b4H team and mentoring from our network

4- Help design pilot or implementation plan, along with supporting the execution

5- Establish links to potential partnerships within the ecosystem


At the Latin America Bitcoin Conference (LaBitConf) we announce the nominees and selected recipients of the ‘Dreamers’ and ‘Shapers’ awards. We use our social media channels to announce the short-listed 'Nominees' and subsequently the Awardees.

All applicants that make it to the Nominees list are invited to join the b4H Community and can always count on our support.

Dreamers Awards

Those initiatives that meet the qualifications of high potential, impactful projects with a strong use case of the blockchain technology for positive impact.

The ‘Dreamers’ would be considered the projects that will initiate the Catalyzer Program 2021. Projects that qualify under the ‘Dreamers’ award will be further supported by b4H ecosystem of partners and the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.

Shapers (Social Hackers)

Initiatives that have already demonstrated a strong use case or product that falls under the social/environmental impact to make the world a better place. These projects are generally more advanced in their concept and can serve as models for the ‘dreamers’.

This category is viewed as beyond the Catalyzer Program’s goals and would benefit from the brand awareness, media coverage, use case promotion and invitation to Labitconf to present their progress.

About the Application Process

Projects that apply for the award are not aware in which category they will fit. It is up to the assessors to determine in which category is the project must likely fall under. Call for application usually takes place during the year, making it public at the beginning of the year and setting a deadline in November. This year’s deadline for application is Nov 15.

Awards Judges

We are honoured to have a well known Ecosystem contributors as Judges for the awards. Our b4H Judges are carefully selected to cover a wide range of locations around the world.

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