The Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LaBitConf) will host the 2020 b4H Awards on Dec 11, 2020.

All 2020 Applications demonstrated the impact that emerging technologies offer in support of new projects that aim at changing the status quo and support improved lives and equitable societies.  

We thank all Applicants for taking the time to diligently submitting their information and for sharing their dreams.

About the Awards

The Awards are offered in two categories: DREAMERS and SHAPERS


Those initiatives that meet the qualifications of high potential, impactful projects with a strong use case of the blockchain technology for positive impact.

The ‘Dreamers’ would be considered the projects that will initiate the Catalyzer Program 2021. Projects that qualify under the ‘Dreamers’ award will be further supported by b4H ecosystem of partners and the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.


Initiatives that have already demonstrated a strong use case or product that falls under the social/environmental impact to make the world a better place. These projects are generally more advanced in their concept and can serve as models for the ‘dreamers’.

This category is viewed as beyond the Catalyzer Program’s goals and would benefit from the brand awareness, media coverage, use case promotion and invitation to Labitconf to present their progress.

2020 Dreamers award

Results will be announced soon

2020 shaPERS award

Results will be announced soon

2020 Nominees


More than 30% of the goods that go towards humanitarian development and relief disappear every year. Our platform delivers granular insight into the supply chains responsible for these shipments and drives vision into eliminating this loss.


Plasticoin is a rewards program that gives value to Plastic waste. Connecting efficiently the generators with recycling chains.

Fiscal digital

#Fiscal_Digital digitally certifies official election documents on public blockchains allowing anyone to access them in a tamper proof way. Then, we count the votes together!


exalti is a digital platform through which associations and NGOs but also companies can publish their mutual help requests so the other actors can lend them time and expertise to tackle the subjects. These exchanges are based on a time-based cryptocurrency, called exalto. One exalto represents a few hours of time exchanged via the platform; and its circulation attests to its effectiveness. exalto are forged thanks to financial donations made via the platform by family or corporate foundations, companies, or individual donors.

Trustlines protocol

Trustlines Protocol is an open source technology stack for peer-to-peer mutual credit. Instead of government money or bank money, Trustlines enables communities to create payment systems out of People Powered Money -- in other words, using everyday “I-owe-you” agreements based on trust.

DADA’s Invisible Economy:

DADA’s Invisible Economy allows a global community of artists to create collaborative digital art driven by intrinsic motivations, and receive a social dividend regardless of the free markets, while creating collective long-term wealth.

The Blue Future Organization

A digital blue inspired organization to help the planet by cultivating Algae and seaweed on the oceans.

Bitcoin Beach

Economic development that incorporates sound money principles and using technology to better the lives of the poor.


Allows people to empower their rights to know their biological identity as well as reunited families, bringing high level security and privacy. Problems are scaled globally, our solution as well.


DistributedTown is a network of interconnected, self-sovereign communities – that lets anyone join an existing one, or create their own based on a mutual credit system, to switch from a system based on Money, to a system based on Value.


The most efficient donation of fresh food to those in need

Bloinx by BX Smart Labs

Bloinx is developing a decentralized application that helps people build their own rotating credit and saving associations.

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