to change the world, everything else is secondary.

We are a network of people from all over the world operating under the belief of the universal impact of emerging technologies and their potential to create the context to elevate humanity.

Our mission is to drive the adoption of these new tools by advocating,
connecting the dots and scaling innovative concepts that address gaps in society.


Blockchain is our main tool to ignite social impact and amplify entrepreneurship.
We aim to guide, help and to solve real world problems and struggles through innovation and purpose.
Social innovation is one of our main areas of focus.
By providing the right support via our mentorship and our catalyzer programs we believe in our contribution to make a positive difference in the world:

The implementation of a purpose-driven framework through Conscious leadership is key for the development of sustainable business models, validated use cases and strategies for reaching scalable solutions.


This is an environment of dreamers who constantly seek ways to drive positive impact, who believe that every individual should have access to banking services, and that each job, each skill generates an impact that should be acknowledged and respected.

We are the bridge among the worldwide humanity and their needs, their culture, capabilities and limitations and blockchain technology.

b4H paves the way for people to conduct their own business knowing that they are contributing to improving humanity.


We define b4H as a force of collective good. A collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach is embedded in our activities. We encourage alignment and multi-sector collaboration towards implementing solutions: The only way to create systemic impact is when the work is done in collaboration with key stakeholders in our ecosystem.

One of our main goals is to position ourselves as role model for Tech companies in our space. We work closely with conscious leaders to develop a Purpose-driven framework around their business model.

Our goal is to support a pipeline that transitions projects to their  next stage of development and create collaboration opportunities


We believe that anyone can reach across the world and enable our ecosystem to have a chance at promoting change. By sponsoring a project, or through one of the many other ways you can get involved, you can change everything and make a big difference.

Charitable Contributions support the foundation’s efforts to achieve its mission and vision.

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