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$100K Fundraising Event

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Art 4 Humanity & True Unicorns

We are conducting an Art 4 Humanity Auction Event first announced at LabitConf. The art piece for auction was given to the Foundation back in 2017 (at the peak of the Bitcoin price), and it is signed by distinguished members of the Blockchain community to help raise the targeted fundraising goal of USD 100K.

Every donation of 0.5 BTC or more received in our public address will participate in the Art 4 Humanity Fundraising lottery to get the real painting, as follows:

  • From 0.5 BTC to 1 BTC  - 1 ticket
  • 1.1 BTC - 2 BTC - 2 tickets
  • 2.1 BTC - 5 BTC - 5 tickets
  • 5.1 BTC and up - 10 tickets

Tickets will be represented by including in a random generator the donor's BTC addresses as many times as tickets they have for their contributions, the process will be done live in a commercial lottery generation platform. 

We will announce in all social channels when the fundraising starts and ends. After reaching the 100K goal, the winner's public addresses will also be announced in the same social channels .To claim the Art, the winners should sign the message I support true unicorns with their BTC / ETH addresses. 

Our Story

It was 2017 at Labitconf in Bogotá, advocates and early adopters of Blockchain gathered to carry out an impromptu idea - 'Let's share with the world the true capabilities and the potential of this nascent technology to transform lives.'

But how do we do this? Most asked. So, we set out to recognize the social entrepreneurs working on projects that prove a legitimate use case of the blockchain technology aimed at benefiting humanity. And so our journey started!

Why do this? It was essential for us to bring to the public the other side of the Blockchain technology, something different than crypto, purposeless tokens, and speculation. Our purpose started by offering an award as a sign of recognition to projects that were trying to change the status quo, and more importantly, reducing the inequality gap.

Now, let’s connect to the Art piece, the same conference, an auction was carried out to fundraise for charitable initiatives. To our memorable surprise, the generous winner of the auction donated the painting to b4H; it was our first and official donation received as a Foundation! The donor, Rocelo Lopes, from StratumBR, has been a real advocate an supporters of the b4H Awards Judges since the beginning. It was his wish that the painting would support our fundraising efforts further.

In Support of True Unicorns

After almost three years, b4H has issued Awards to recognize the work of 14 outstanding projects and received more than 80 Applications.

During this time, we have identified multiple implementations of the Blockchain technology by pro-sociality use cases. The applications increased by 30% in 2018 from 2017 and more than 50% this year compared with 2018. One remarkable data point revealed from the assessment of all applications is that the top 3 categories, equally distributed are: Financial Inclusion, Social Integration/ID and Socio-economic inclusion, the latter one with an increase from 17% to 30% of the projects this year.

These numbers inspire us; we can see how we are moving from ideas/concepts of the Blockchain for Impact to proof of concepts, pilots, and full products.

What happens after the awards? The recipients of the 'Dreamers Awards' go through an initiation into the b4H Catalyzer Program, which means a full review of the project and long-lasting sessions with the founding team to assess the concept, use case, and technical application and architecture, business model, product-market-fit and much more. The work done through the program is carried out by the b4H Core team and relevant mentors.  

While the idea to coach the most promising projects is one of our primary objectives, it comes as no surprise that a good number of projects cannot make it simply because of a lack of funding to reach their next stage of development. We want to help facilitate these projects to become True Unicorns-that is, companies that are not only worth billions but also help improve the lives of billions of people. 

Circling back to the Art 4 Humanity, this year's awards edition, in addition to the coaching role b4H carries out to prepare, validate and strengthen the social impact model, the Foundation seeks to provide Seed Grants to eligible Awardees and distribute the funds subject to milestones completion.

The eligible awardees will get an equal portion of the funds raised in this event. We will use the funds to allocate to specific milestones. And here is where you fit in all this! Funding donors can track the progress of the social projects while gaining full visibility of the funds' distribution and the project's achievement. So your donation will go a long way to get these projects to their next stage of development. 

Don't know who this year's nominees are? Check them out here

About the Artist 

MAX PEDREIRA Maximiliano Pedreira, was born in San Martín city, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978. At the age of 6 started in a painting workshop. Max Pedreira, a self-taught artist, has completed antique restoration paintings at "Museo Sarmiento" and presented his work in more than 80 exhibitions around the world. Max is a Bitcoin believer and a supporter of an inclusive economy, and that can help minimize the inequality gap.

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