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BanQu brings transparency & traceability in the global supply chain using a non-crypto blockchain platform to connect last-mile farmers and workers to global economy. Its mission is to lift people out of extreme poverty. With over 200K last-mile beneficiaries, BanQu uses a for-profit, for-purpose business model a to connect the users, brands, organizations and governments.

SDG 1: No Poverty
SDG 10: Reducing Inequality
SDG 5: Gender Equality

Social and Economic Integration

Targeted Impact

Refugees, Farmers, Developing Communities



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Impact Areas

Gender equality/ Financial empowerment/ Sustainable agriculture

Quantifiable Impact?

We already proving our success as we are past pilots and POCs like our competition that continues to struggle. We are on track to enable 100 million people out of extreme poverty by end of 2023.

Problem - Gap

People living in extreme poverty are invisible in global supply chains. BanQu has solved that fundamental gap that contributes to global extreme poverty and gender inequality.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

BanQu is 100% built on ethereum blockchain but without monetizing the crypto. Our blockchain platform is used everyday across hundreds of thousands of poorest farmers, refugees, slums and supply chains across 14 countries because we use the fundamentals of blockchain - the ability to Own, Access, Monetize & Permission your own economic identity/ passport.

Team Members

"Ashish Gadnis (CEO) " Jeffrey Keiser (COO) Seraina Macia (Board Chairwoman) Major investors: Raptor Group; ABInBev

Applicant's Name

Ashish Gadnis, CEO



Open Source



Concept Definition

Using a non-crypto blockchain platform to connect last-mile farmers and workers to global economy. We are live in 14 countries with over 200,000 last-mile beneficiaries across agriculture, education, labor rights and financial empowerment.

Support of B4H Goals

Reducing extreme poverty while creating transparency & Traceability in global supply chains. Using a for-profit / for-purpose business model.

External Funding If Any

We are no longer a startup. We have closed 3 rounds of external funding and are live across major brands in 14 countries and over 200,000 last mile beneficiaries.

Development Stage and Next Steps

We are in full scale production rollout and global expansion phase.

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