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In support of Climate Action and aiming to help reduce carbon footprint, ClimateTrade offers a platform where businesses, consumers and investors can transact to offset carbon foortprint while incentivizing disruptive technologies and investing in green financial products.

SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Climate Action

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Environment, Climate Change



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Impact Areas

We are focused on tackling climate change by promoting the United Nations SDG, which are: Climate Action, gender equality, life on land, life below water, decent work and economic growth and Ensures access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Quantifiable Impact?

Problem - Gap

There is a carbon footprint or environmental impact that includes the whole set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person within a specified period. There is an evident increasing awareness in the general society and among corporations about the imperative necessity of taking urgent actions aimed at mitigating and reducing that impact in order to preserve our environment and the survival of all living beings. We propose a solution that both citizens and corporations will understand as an easy and direct way to contribute to ease this alarming global situation.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Team Members

" Climate Blockchain Initiatives, S.L. has a specialized team of professionals who has been building this platform and continues to make constant improvements. We rely on the expertise of our team, lead by Francisco Benedito, its CEO, one of the 2 original founders and main originator of ClimateCoin and the idea of democratization of Climate change. He has 15 years expertise on banking and financial markets and he is a business strategy expert. He created his first startup when he has 16 years old and made his first exit at 18. Francisco Benedito (CEO): " "The CTO, David Ortega, who has 10 years of experience in development and engineering and is one of the most recognized Blockchain experts in Spain, who created the biggest and more successful ICOs in Spain. Also with great experience in banking and commercial roles. " "Olga Brigido, of legal background is our Executive Assistant, she possesses a firm and solid commitment to sustainability solutions and environmental matters. She cooperates actively with Greenpeace in our region. " "Jose Lindo is our Chief Visionary Office, an ex UN-REDD program member and expert fundraiser for green causes having worked with Nobel peace prize Wangari Maathai. "

Applicant's Name

Francisco Benedito Valentín, CEO and Co-Founder


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Concept Definition

The Blockchain Platform where companies and consumers can find, in a simple way, the place where to offset their carbon footprint and also to invest in green financial products and disruptive technologies and projects that aim to tackle climate change.

Support of B4H Goals

"Our project’s main goal aims at designing strategies that allow the best and most positive impact on the environment and the communities living on the Earth. By supporting and promoting sustainable projects all over the world we provide better living conditions for the local communities involved and as well as generating a direct impact on the environment that helps recover the planet's balance and mitigates climate change."

External Funding If Any

"Our project at its origins started by launching a crypto Initial Coin Offering with our CO2 token in 2017. This event provided our project with enough funds to develop the Climatetrade ecosystem and platform which is currently active and gradually increasing its activity at a good pace. At this point we are very satisfied with the general acceptance of the project."

Development Stage and Next Steps

"We aim to enlarge our platform and create a global marketplace where the companies developing projects in the different countries interact with polluting companies in other countries. Also citizens from around the world might be able to offset their carbon footprint in a new positive way and participate in projects that disrupt the way to fight against climate change. This approach is a breakthrough in the way the carbon markets are created today, as they are currently static, isolated and with a clear lack of liquidity. It also allows to bring to reality disruptive projects to tackle climate change that can be exponential and that are the real solutions to solve this problem. Small disruptive technologies and projects and the interaction of citizens will be the key to defeat climate change. We will be putting all efforts to steadily improve our platform and scale it up worldwide. At the same time we will enrol in different B2B/B2B2C pilots/agreements with European corporations in order to gain recognition and encourage awareness worldwide. "

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