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Cripto Conserje


Educate users and business owners to transact with cryptocurrencies which can provide economic stability to LATAM, particularly in places such as Venezuela where communities are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine.

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BETA. Distributed over 190 paper wallets with 5 USD each or enough to buy food for a few days after taking out online test of the lesson provided.

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Training and support to refugees to regain their financial sovereignty and security. Drive adoption of crypto payments for merchants in LATAM through POS hardware. The first use case is Cúcuta, Colombia to become the first city in the world to reach 50% crypto adoption.

Quantifiable Impact?

The system to be able to donate to 300,000 paper wallets at once in Cúcuta, Colombia to refugees and residents in order to seed the new crypto-economy and achieve 50% merchant penetration.

Problem - Gap

Economic instability of national currencies and the lack of knowledge and familiarization with cryptocurrencies.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Using several blockchains in order to facilitate the transfer of funds from donations to refugees with the least cost and friction possible.

Team Members

Founder and team lead, Jonathan Kohn. Venezuelan and half Colombian. Born and now live in Texas.

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External Funding If Any

We have received funding from PAC, OHM, NOS and ZEN.

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