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Transparent, inclusive and cost-efficient blockchain ecosystem that helps draw financing into low-carbon economy and therefore fights climate change. Allows transparent P2P operations with verified carbon units, renewable energy certificates and other green financial instruments. 

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PRODUCT: We are the first-ever blockchain ecosystem to have register verified carbon credits bypassing traditional carbon registries. 1,6 mln tons of CO2 reductions issued as tradable carbon units to date. Free Decentralized Application is available on our website: IPCI.IO (MetaMask extension is required for use).

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Environmental sustainability, green finance, acceleration of low-carbon economy

Quantifiable Impact?

The quantity of the impact depends on the number of active users. With large corporate and governmental environmental programs launched in our ecosystem, DAO IPCI could offset hundreds of tons of CO2.

Problem - Gap

By providing the market players with a cost-efficient solution and the opportunity of peer-to peer interaction, we create an inclusive transnational marketplace to trade in CO2 reductions, Renewable Energy certificates and green bonds. This means that developing countries, SME and individuals will be able to join and mitigate their carbon footprint or launch environmental programs of their own. The transparency of public blockchain solves such problem as double-counting which is typical for the market and raises the level of trust. 

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Blockchain by its core properties is the most suitable technology for the carbon pricing initiatives and their integration. Currently, 71 national and subnational jurisdictions are putting a price on carbon, NOT INCLUDING sectoral, voluntary, private, corporate and climate change market initiatives, and this level of fragmentation is not at all convenient for market players. Traditional carbon registries are expensive and do not provide the necessary level of transparency to fully realize the potential of the market. Without blockchain, we would turn into one more "middleman" and would not provide any advantages to our users. The values that our technology brings to the market: Cost-efficiency, Information integrity, Transparency, preclusion of falsifications and double-counting, Fungibility of mitigation instruments, Decentralized or distributed governance and inclusion.

Team Members

Anton Galenovich Ph.D in Economics, Co-founder, Lead Product Developer. He has 25 years of experience in International Relations and External Liaison including Government and Public Relations. Sergey Lonshakov - Blockchain project developer, Robonomics platform architect, CTO at DAO IPCI. Sergey has been working (performing R&D) on: Bitcoin/Altcoin/cryptocurrency projects since 2011, Smart contract/Ethereum platform projects since 2014, DAO. Alexey Shadrin, Blockchain, Sustainability and Smart City evangelist, serial entrepreneur and key-note speaker. 

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We've got an operating solution with active users . We received $1 mln investment in the early 2017 from IDEA Carbon (UK)

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