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DAppnode is a software that allows to easily deploy own nodes and DApps as the access way to a real decentralized web and world that will change the status quo. DApnode allows to develop communities by generating income and building trusted networks that are connected to a DAppnode

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BETA: Fully functional product that offers the main features with which we want to build this censorship resistant incentivated infrastructure layer. Next stages are decentralizing further elements of the solution as VPN access, secure certificates and ultimately internet access through mesh networks.In the business side consolidate the business model of the association ( in a nutshell Uploading of packages to the DAppnode Store, hardware manufacture agreements and community support through donations to ensure the contious development and improement of the software).

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Community and economic development and financial inclusion are the main areas of impact. DAppnode allows to reuse hardware to run nodes and DAApps generating income 

Quantifiable Impact?

At the moment there has been 931 downloads, what means 931 elements for real decentralization, members of a P2P economy, users that can increase their digital freedom and privacy, gateways to build trusted networks, and pieces of infrastructure that can host DApps that could not be convenient for some countries and thus they will try to censor them, they can-t with DAppnode. We work to make this number grow exponentially.

Problem - Gap

Running nodes cost time and knowledge that only a few have and the result is that the critical pieces of a decentralized world are hosted in centralized giants. Lack of incentives to running nodes leads to a non sense situation in which the benefits of a true P2P economy formed by trusted networks connected to others that can share resources and generate sources of income,while ensuring privacy.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

DappNode uses ENS smart contracts to solve the access to .ETH / decentralised websites, IPFS to upload and serve the packages, or Aragon to have a public registry through their Package Manager (APM) of the packages available to run in DAppNode.On top of it we are building an incentivization model for people to run their machines with the ultimate goal of creating a true p2p economy within DAppNode ecosystem. The project cannot meet his goals without blockchain as a car can´t meet its goals without wheels.

Team Members

"Full time dedication: Eduardo Antuña - Project lead DApplion- full stack developer Abel boldú . DEvops - Yalor Mewn:Comms Part time: Alex Casas : Support, documentation and QA/Testing (Member of b4H and “instigator” of our application) Advisors: Jordi Baylina, Griff Green, Bernd Lapp


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DappNode has a beta that can be download at https://github.com/dappnode We have received 330.000 € in grants from the Ethereun Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund and Aragon Nest "

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