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Decentralized Technologies


Open source movement based in Guatemala, creating and promoting protocols that empower the individuals by giving them access to capital, the ability to claim ownership and the possibility to have multiple purpose based identities on the blockchain. 

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PILOT: Working dApp Other in progress dApps: - Protocols are finished - Protocols are finished SCUI is being built.

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Global Financial Inclusion

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Blockchain Mass Adoption is needed for it to generate a significant impact. But it has the potential to create a more efficient economy, based on facts and transparency.

Problem - Gap

Access to capital, the possibility to claim ownership of physical assets and the possibility to choose which information to publish when identifying oneself.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Everything is done through a web browser and no data is stored in any centralized server. Users do not pay any fees and only cover the gas cost for the Ethereum network. This same concept is being used for all further dApps.

Team Members

Esteban de la Peña, Co-Founder As a Guatemalan who grew up in Germany, Esteban understands idiosyncrasies. Throughout his career in advertising he has developed a keen awareness to identify and leverage cultural drivers to create meaningful brands. Like a true Blockchain-Apasionado and relentless entrepreneur he is an active member of the local blockchain community and participant in fintech and AI projects. Education through technology is his passion, one of the many reasons why he became involved with non-profit projects to teach Guatemalan kids entrepreneurship. Rafael Cordon, Co-Founder Rafa is an entrepreneur and protocol philosopher. In 2017 he became fascinated by blockchain and the opportunities that it enables for permissionless innovation at a global level. Having grown up in Guatemala, Rafael understands the limitations that entrepreneurs face due to lack of access to capital. Rafael is an experienced business developer in the cloud computing space and is involved with the local blockchain dev community. He is also a father, amateur horticulturist and birdwatcher. Gustavo Ibarra, Co-Founder & Tech Lead. Gus is a full stack developer and blockchain enthusiast with a passion for music composition. Gus has been involved in the tech industry for over 7 years, being part of programming teams in five different markets around the world. Throughout his programming career, he has collaborated in the design, development and implementation of successful projects, varying from web apps for the fintech industry, to non-profit computer science education programs and healthcare. Currently, Gus develops smart contracts and user interfaces for a couple of startups that have successfully raised capital through issuing tokens.

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Open Source



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Fully self funded, as an open source project we have no revenue streams. We are currently working on our Business Plan.

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