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Dreamer: DistributedTown


DistributedTown is a network of interconnected, self-sovereign communities – that lets anyone join an existing one, or create their own based on a mutual credit system, to switch from a system based on Money, to a system based on Value.

SDG 1: No Poverty
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 17: #Coalitions4GOOD AKA Partnership for Goals

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DistributedTown is the new standard for Collaborative Economics. We are building a Network of interconnected, self-sovereign Communities. It allows anyone to join or create their own - and it's based on DiTo mutual credit & a universal login called SkillWallet ID. At the launch, we'll be ready to onboard any type of community - spacing from a 3-member Web3 team who need to optimize their tasks to local neighborhoods that need to achieve self-sustainability and mutual support. It also builds over the pioneeristic model of Quadratic Funding, using our Proof-of-Contribution & DiTo Continuous funding model to solve crippling issues such as Pool Manipulation and Sybil Attacks. These 3 aspects combined creates the solid foundation for a non-speculative, 100% pseudonymous network for the real-world. Where real people are represented (and rewarded - in UBI fashion) based on their actual skills, merit and contribution to their community, and the network at large. Allowing a more independent, free society, where bank accounts, passports, résumés and bureaucracy are useless by design.

Quantifiable Impact?

The system allows a meritocratic, contribution-based Universal Basic Income (UBI) on a global scale. It's also proved mathematically, to make sure that collusion or multiple identities are impossible.

Problem - Gap

Social distancing forced people to find alternative ways to communicate, collaborate and work together. Unfortunately, though, existing DAO platforms still suffer from: 1)Poor UX, that makes it hard for off-chain users to join and get active in a community 2)Generalized purpose. This forces individuals and groups to adapt to the platform, rather than empowering them to achieve their goals. 3)Speculative currencies, that encourages short-term individual profit and selfish behavior, rather than collaborative problem solving and mutual support This makes it hard for community members to support each other in simple, everyday situations – as well as breaking larger, multidisciplinary projects down to smaller tasks in efficient way.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Our platform uses 3 different blockchain protocols, and it integrates 5+ blockchain tools. It's 100% crypto-native and decentralized.

Team Members

Alessandro Perico Milena Monova Lorenzo Bersano




Applicant's Name

Alex P. - Protocol Design & Product Management


Open Source



Concept Definition

Support of B4H Goals

External Funding If Any

Self-funded so far. We won a couple of small monetary rewards (tot.: less than 3.000 USD). We are going to start our Seed funding this upcoming week (190-240.000 USD)"

Development Stage and Next Steps

Our team has more than 20 years of relevant experience combined, and in just 6 weeks we won multiple prizes in the biggest blockchain competitions in the world – especially worth to mention, “The Best Idea to solve Humanity's Biggest Challenges” - in the Filecoin ecosystem. As well we built the core of our Protocol, deployed our contracts on RSK, Ethereum and Matic – and completed our frontend on time for our Beta Release on the 12th of November. By that time, we will start onboarding three different categories of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs): 1. Blockchain & Web3 Communities 2. Art, Creativity & Lifestyle 3. Local Communities – going from building condos to local clubs. First milestones: 01/10: Start working 09/10: First prototype ready 21/10: Complete Apollo Fellowship (Incubation program) 28/10: Win Textile 1st prize at ETHOnline, the biggest blockchain competition of the year 29/10: Win ""Best Idea for Humanity's biggest challenges"" (@ Apollo) 29/10: Start partnership with Matic Network, and receive 1st grant 09/11: Complete MVP and get ready for Beta (12th of November)

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