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DORIUM will enable and support social entrepreneurship and economic growth. Its Community evaluates, rewards, creates and finances social and environmental improvements without further fiat currency investment. DORIUM can change the life of billions of people by changing current incentives and creating money backed by the value of social improvements. 

SDG 10: Reducing Inequality
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
SDG 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Community Development

Targeted Impact

Developing Countries, Social entrepreneurs



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Impact Areas

DORIUM will enable and support social entrepreneurship, economic growth and sustainable development.

Quantifiable Impact?

"End of 2020, the DORIUM community will evaluate and support a limited number of hand-picket projects/entrepreneurs worldwide. Each improvement, success-story and solution will create awareness and perspectives for people worldwide. The Basic Compensation for Basic Contributions (part of the concept) has the potential to overcome poverty worldwide based on the appreciation of peoples' contribution to their local community. Not a gift, but a reward. Accepted and appreciated by the global community."

Problem - Gap

A lack of information and communication leads to insufficient approaches and offers not supplying the demand. A lack of budget limits the opportunities and leads to (political or economic) instrumentalisation. A lack of supporters leaves the experience and know-how of the global community unused and unshared. DORIUM intends to introduce local communities, to create a community based kind of money and intends to enable and motivated the global community to share and exchange know-how and experience.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

DORIUM is using blockchain technology to create and manage the new kind of money covered by sustainable value. The creation of money is based on an evaluation and voting by a global community. To achieve trust and transparency, we have to use blockchain technology for building this new value system (voting) as-well. ID is the third pillar that requires blockchain technology.

Team Members

"Hajir Tahassori, idea, vision, initial concept - full time - " Andreas Lang, detailed concept and implementation - full time - Hesam Ganjavian, technical implementation and strategy - part time - Thomas Gehbauer, project management - full time - Sarvin Rahmati, partner management Dorothy Amuah, governance, strategic pr Amir Dossal, Faiz Shah, Daniel Nowack, Louis Klein, André Reichel, Joschka Fischer - consultants and advisors on request

Applicant's Name

Andreas Lang, Co-Founder, CEO



Open Source



Concept Definition

With DORIUM, a global community will create additional wealth - in a sustainable way

Support of B4H Goals

Instead of tackling one specific issue, DORIUM will offer a holistic, systematic and transformative change in society by using blockchain to share responsibility with billions of humans.

External Funding If Any

We developed the concept, token economy and governance behind DORIUM - and shared and discussed it with more than 600 people worldwide (wooden board simulation). Beside a financial contribution by aeternity, all related costs were covered out of our pocket. Steps are getting smaller as pockets are getting empty. For the development of a pilot (March 2020 in Darmstadt/Germany) we started a small investment round among friends and family.

Development Stage and Next Steps

"Demo - We build a wooden board simulation (105 units) introducing all roles and mechanisms to share and discuss the concept worldwide with 600+ people (students, villagers, CEOs, experts, coders). We received very valuable feedback. Now, we will implement a MVP/pilot to demonstrate the logic (achieve something for your community, receive a reward, create a sustainable kind of money and pay the bus-ticket) and start to promote the concept."

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