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A project to build a modern and decentralized economy in Venezuela. They offer financial inclusion to locals in need in the first phase of the program, fostering a local and tokenized economy. They motivate university students to be active users of the blockchain space and provide them with tools to learn and build.

SDG 10: Reducing Inequality
SDG 1: No Poverty
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Social and Economic Integration

Targeted Impact

Venezuelan Communities



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Impact Areas

Education, Financial Inclusion, Social Integration

Quantifiable Impact?

In mission we are targeting to foster the adoption of a blockchain economy at nation scale in Venezuela. Arguably our impact growth according the resources we gathered, at the current pace we are rotating groups of 100 families, around 450 individuals, every 90 days, which can be estimated around 2000 people a year. We think the snowball effect and synergy among other actions currently being develop in the country we could make this numbers much higher in a fast pace.

Problem - Gap

The biggest problem in our country lies in the inability of people to access a free economy, where each individual can take advantage of their potential and turn their work into quality of life. It is a multi-causal problem, which is why we have decided to attack them from several fronts.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

In Venezuela, cash is almost non-existent and banking systems are unstable and unreliable. In addition, the worthless fiat puts cryptocurrencies as a more efficient and convenient way to carry out transactions of any kind. Therefore, we created the CryptoPeso token on the EOS blockchain, which has worked efficiently and effectively solving problems such as: the need to make transactions almost instantaneous and safe, protect money against inflation, uncensored and free to move store of value. In addition, we have built a platform called ""cryptolocal"", which is in alpha phase right now and will serve to connect crypto merchants, professionals and users easily. To have a reference, it would be like a Foursquare for crypto and specifically designed for the Venezuelan and Latin American economy. This platform will be integrated with several cryptocurrencies, mainly the CryptoPeso. The idea of the project is to finish building the bases of a free, decentralized and totally Blockchain based economy in Venezuela. In our case the use of blockchain is a necessity, the solutions to the current Venezuelan financial system and hyperinflated economy are inherent to this technology and the dimension of its adoption.

Team Members

Alberto Guerrero: Founder and CEO at EOS Venezuela. Political Scientist and Master in Business and Marketing. Blockchain speaker and entrepreneur. Is dedicated full time to the creation and development of all the activities of our organization in our 3 axes of work: Education, Community Building and Business Incubator. " Efrain Pineda: COO at EOS Venezuela. Student of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. It is dedicated since 2017 to the construction of educational communities around the blockchain (Provenezuela). He is in charge of logistics and project planning. Dedicated full time. Renán Moreno: Community Manager at EOS Venezuela. Architect and graphic designer, is dedicated full time to the construction of community and communication through our social networks. Aidnes Sánchez: Content strategist at EOS Venezuela. Dedicated full time to the creation of dissemination and educational material for the communities managed by our organization Ariany Jaimes: Social worker with more than 25 years of experience in national and international activities. It constitutes our link in the field. In charge of reviewing the profiles of the participants and interviewing them for their pre-selection. Dedicated part time.

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Alberto Guerrero Montilla, CEO



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Concept Definition

A project to build a modern and decentralized economy in Venezuela.

Support of B4H Goals

Due to crontoling overseen of the economy, financial inclusion and opportunities of growth are factors that have deteriorated badly the last two decades in our country. The citizen is at the mercy of failed institutions, worthless money, with no access to global system and powerless. Our project focuses on building a free and decentralized economy from bottom-up, a modern and global economy at the hands of the people, literally. Blockchain and crypto are tools for development in countries with such crisis. When hypothetical scenarios for mass adoption comes to mind, Venezuela is a match on ever case, all the conditions needed to take these technologies as solution are present in our current situation. We believe blockchain adoption can bring economic sovereignty to the person, access to uncensored financial tools and opportunity of fostering a new generation of professionals that can reshape the future of Venezuela.

External Funding If Any

Our project has already received the trust of many individual collaborators, mostly from the EOS community. In total we have been able to raise +$13.000 USD which has allowed us to execute the project in its first stage.

Development Stage and Next Steps

Our project was tested in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela where we chose 100 families to distribute $1 USD per day for 3 months. In the course of this time more than 450 people were able to supplement their monthly income and access to food and medicine. In the course of the 90 days period, the participants were exposed for the first time to the use of blockchain and crypto technologies, mostly non-technological type of user, having adapted to a greater or lesser extent to their use. The learning curve is diverse, to the point we fostered entrepreneurial behavior among the participants and organic evolution on relationship with these tools. In the next phase, we want to focus on young students, preferably from the technological area and who are watching the culmination of their studies truncated by the economic situation of their families. We believe that the future of our country relies on the capacity of our youth to adopt and take advantage of this technology, so while we aid them economically we want to foster a new generations of developers and users that can flourish on this ecosystem, bringing opportunities of prosperity and progress. "

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