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A framework that creates new type of jobs & ieconomic means to people who want to be part of a a new way of value creation that leads them towards solving their own local problems. PhiEconomy's model aims at aligning the right behaviors to get people involved in solving their city/province/nation/global's problems while creating a source of income from it.

SDG 1: No Poverty
SDG 10: Reducing Inequality
SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Social and Economic Integration

Targeted Impact

Inequilty in Humanity



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Impact Areas

We are addressing all U.N. SDGs -with higher impact on inequality & poverty-

Quantifiable Impact?

"Right now, we are focused in Latinamerica & Spain -but the idea is to expand worldwide-.We are looking to provide new type of jobs & income to people around the world, who participates in a new way of value creation -towards solving their own local problems-. As such, our impact is providing a new source of income, a new source of hope and bring them FROM a passive-citizenship -where they pay taxes and expect the State will solve all their problems, a consumer-productor relationship- TO an active citizenship -where they get involved in solving their city/province/nation/global's problems and get an income out of that- something we can ""recover"" and make us more connected with other human beings and bring a better sense of global community."

Problem - Gap

We try to shift the interest for new start-ups & companies towards solving the U.N SDGs, providing them with a way to "monetize" those goods & services they will create via Blockchain+Crypto. Not just "creating new needs to people" or "gaining new markets"; but inspiring/showing them how solving the Great Grand Challenges can be a huge opportunity in terms of revenue & social impact.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Blockchain is the CORE technology we educate entrepreneurs & citizens should be used in order to solve the problems we face as Humanity today. And those include corruption, bureaucracy, inequality, climate change and the rest of U.N. SDGs. We actually promote a "fix" re-designing the concept of money -instead of being a "debt", become a real-previous social value- as this will align the right incentives towards solving the "social" challenges. We create an "additional" new sphere -outside the "market"- where "being socially correct" or "pursue social values" is not something we do in our "spare" time, but something that will help us to make a "living". Without the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies this new notion about the real value of money -or what actually money should represent- will NOT BE POSSIBLE.

Team Members

Alejandro Sewrjugin. Founder. Technology Entrepreneur. Run different companies, also worked in Multinational Companies -like SAP-, the Argentinian Government -in different capacities-. Studied Business Economics at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Wrote two books about Bitcoin/Blockchain & PhiEconomy's theory -available in Amazon-. "Macarena Martin. Emprendedora Social. Lic. en Ciencias Políticas y Sociología. " "Mariano Lopata. Profesor e Investigador. Director de SOLE Argentina -iniciativa descentralizada de Educación Global-. " Tomás Prieto. Abogado. Presidente Instituto Internacional de Privacidad y Seguridad -protección de datos-. Carolina Maren. Bachelor in Chemistry. Social Entrepreneur. Nautas ONG Founder & Director. Alan Stivelman. Cineasta. Pablo Benavides. PhiEconomy Advisor. Comunicador y Consultor en Sustentabilidad. Director de Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires. Gabriel Aguilera. PhiEconomy Ambassador & Advisor. Business Administration. Professor. Board Member at TEDxCordoba. Federico Schnöller. PhiEconomy Advisor. Business & Economics. Co-Founder Impact Hub Buenos Aires. Sergio Elguezabal. Journalist -specialized in Sustainability-. PhiEconomy Advisor & Ambassador. Running "Sabado Verde" program on Public Radio.

Applicant's Name

Alejandro Sewrjugin, Founder



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Concept Definition

Provides a new economical framework to foster the creation of new companies towards solving UN SDGs

Support of B4H Goals

We drive new knowledge -in cities around the world- for entrepreneurs & citizens about how a new economy can be built using Blockchain+Crypto, with the human being & the planet at the center. A CryptoEconomy, based on purposes with a Human Perspective.

External Funding If Any

We have designed/enhanced a new theory of value -in the last five years- in order to provide a new economical framework where entrepreneurs around the world can use to build this new type of companies. We launched this year decentralized nodes around the world -we have presence now in eight cities- in order to gather different social actors -entrepreneurs, citizens, universities, governments, NGOs- for learning, debating, inspiring how we can solve the different challenges. Each node run events during the year to explain PhiEconomy theory, bring experts in different fields -such as robotics, AI, sustainability, education, justice & others- explaining how they work towards solving the challenges and new start-ups using blockchain in combination with other technologies to solve specific challenges. We also have ambassadors/dress around the World communicating our theory. We provide advice to new entrepreneurs trying to solve U.N. SDGs challenges with theirs start-ups. We've started in 2016 and there are some projects already picking up: EthicHub, Spain -which won one of your was inspired by PhiEconomy's principles-, YvY Ledger -project looking to provide healthy food via solving some of the challenges the farmers face in order to follow best practices & organic food processes, utilizing Blockchain & YvY coin as rewards mechanism-, Lucus -new type of crypto-exchange which will give part of its ownership to clients, via crypto-drops & apply 30% of its gains towards social impact needs-. We provide an educational virtual center in our website with video-talks, books, articles, online courses towards sparkling & disseminating these new ideas. No external funding received yet.

Development Stage and Next Steps

We have nodes -which run independently- in three countries (Argentina, Spain & Israel), covering eight cities. We have in pipeline Paraguay, Ecuador & El Salvador and planning to have twenty nodes in July & thirty five by year's end. We are looking for 2020 to, at least, have influenced the creation of one potential project per node. We are also looking for funding in order to run a series of documentaries about projects around the world using Blockchain+Crypto to solve U.N SDGs -and playing them via Netflix/Amazon Prime video systems-. One of our goals is also participating at other technology, sustainable & entrepreneurial events, providing talks about this new theory of value -to spark interest & foster new start-ups creation-. As such, we have been present at events like: Blockchain & Bitcoin Toronto's Summit (2018, Star Conferences. We've been part of the Organizing Commitee), Network Society Meet-up Bs. As (2016), TEDxCordoba (2017), Sustainable Brands Bs. As (2018), 8th Conference for Young Businessmen & Entrepreneurs, Industrial Union, Cordoba (2018), Vamos a Zoomar, Corrientes (Social Impact event series: Millenium Project, Argentina 2050, re-thinking Economy & Education (2018). SouthAmerican Business Forum (SABF, 2018). Hack4Climate Buenos Aires (pre-hackathon for COP23, U.N in Bonn. 2017). Social Media Day Buenos Aires (2017). 2nd Entrepreneur's meeting, Santiago (2017).

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