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Plasticoin is a rewards program that gives value to Plastic waste. Connecting efficiently the generators with recycling chains.

SDG 1: No Poverty
SDG 4: Quality Education
SDG 5: Gender Equality
SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 14: Life Below Water
SDG 15: Life on Land
SDG 17: #Coalitions4GOOD AKA Partnership for Goals

Climate Action

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Pilot - Conducted a test of the product with a specific target segment

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The project was created to reduce the impact of the excessive use of plastic and its accumulation in public spaces. By educating and rewarding participants along the process, it aims to foster changes in the irresponsible treatment given to our plastic waste everyday. Plasticoin is a triple-impact initiative: environmental, social and economic. We prioritize environmental sustainability, education, sustainable practices, equality of conditions and environmentally committed advertising, both for our users and supporting companies. Impacts achieved are directly interlinked and they determine an exponential growth of all parts involved. Plasticoin promotes environment-friendly practices and habits, particularly regarding coastal ecosystems. Our business model rewards users' sustainable actions, particularly recycling and beach cleaning. A positive environmental impact is the main aim which allows other project impacts to take place. Our Mission and our Values sustain an equitable development for all parties involved in the project. Plasticoin jobs respect equality and social inclusion. Our social mission is to boost existing cooperatives and circular economy projects, thus promoting collective benefits instead of individual interests. We also look to raise awareness on the environmental effects of consuming plastic products. Profitability is as important as the the project's social and environmental objectives. All benefits generated by the project will be destined to promote educational and recycling activities that increase the value of plastic waste. Plasticoin is committed to the people involved in the project and works to foster local economies. We believe in shifting to more environmentally respectful business models.

Quantifiable Impact?

Our objective is to work with the number of users needed (160,000 or 5% of the total population) to guarantee the concentration of 20% of the country's plastic waste.

Problem - Gap

Since its invention, plastic has permeated virtually every aspect of our lives. Plastic has evolved and its utility is unquestionable. However, its excessive use has dramatically polluted seas, rivers and soils. Due to the high consumption of plastics with a short shelf life, especially for packaging; Every year 9 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the sea from 192 countries with coast, this generates accumulation of plastic materials in coastal areas, negatively affecting food chains and biodiversity. Affecting the population in general, the environment and indirectly tourism, which visits our beaches. Due to their shapes and colors, plastics are ingested by different species that end up dying from the non-assimilation of their organisms. Due to their slow degradation process, these plastics are divided into microscopic parts, which enter the marine food chain and consequently the human food chain. Being an invisible enemy that is not yet in the collective consciousness due to ignorance and lack of information about its long-term impact. In Uruguay, according to official sources, 450,000 kilos of plastic waste are generated daily, of which only 9,000 (2%) are recovered. Despite these numbers, only 30% of the installed capacity is exploited to recycle plastic waste.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

The fact of using blockchain as a backup for the transactions of our currencies, allows us to make a traceability and practicality for users (companies and civilians). In addition, the blockchain offers differential security and transparency in case the currency is accepted for tax benefits by the state. Plasticoin can work without blockchain, but we understand that the Blockchain system can be a differential that allows revolutionizing the recycling industry in the Country.

Team Members

The entrepreneurial team is made by Nicole Wyaux and Juan Rivero We are both members of generation Y, and we are committed to the cause of generating a positive environmental and social impact. We understand that education and commitment are the drivers of necessary change for our environment. Nicole Wyaux has a degree in Industrial Design, currently working in the research workshop area of ​​ORT University. It is proactive and with a great capacity for the development of group projects. She has always been involved with social projects and sees this project as a tool for her personal and professional development. Juan Rivero has a history of working in the telecommunications market, he has worked directly in the development of new technologies and products for their implementation at national and international level. He has experience in the development of projects that involve National and International Logistics, as well as the management of large work groups. Search for personal development in this project, see an opportunity to apply the previously acquired knowledge for a good cause.

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Juan Rivero,CEO



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Support of B4H Goals

We expect for technical cooperations that could help us to develop our app quickly and implement blockchain as soon as possible.

External Funding If Any

We received a USD 5.000 found by the National Development Agency, the coronavirus sitaution made us pause our activities, so we are in the fundraising period. We are planning to re start shortly.

Development Stage and Next Steps

On 12/27/2019 a circular Opportunities fund 2019 (ANDE and BIOVALOR) was won, which was used to carry out a validation of ideas, with a minimum viable product. As general objectives we set out to validate the technical and commercial aspects of the project. Among the technical objectives: 1- Create a virtual platform for the dissemination and grouping of stakeholders to generate an environmental impact positive through the responsible management of your plastic waste. It seeks to capture the attention of a minimum of 140 related people directly to the project with active participation and a number greater than 3,000 followers on social networks that attract advertising interests. 2- Recover 1120 kg of clean plastic waste during the period of validation. Objective drawn based on statistical data and quantity of expected users. 3- Generate sustainable advertising activities that help the promotion and dissemination of the project. It is expected to awaken interests and alliances that allow achieving medium impacts environmental issues. The technical objectives were met very quickly and acceptance expectations were far exceeded. In a period of 3 months, 2,000 users were registered, of whom between 500 and 600 interacted with the currency. During that time, 3,075 kilograms (equivalent to 500 public waste containers) were recovered of plastic at an average cost of 2.1 USD per kilo recovered. In social networks, we had organic growth, today we have around 9000 followers between Instagram and Facebook. Among the commercial objectives to validate we can highlight: -Degree of adherence of partner companies to offer discounts: Today we have 50 companies that offer benefits that were added by the attractiveness of the proposal. -Degree of adherence of companies sponsoring the project, during the validation of the project and motivated by the low recovery costs, contacts and interests were received from 80% of the waste generating companies plastics on the market.

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