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Ribbon Blockchain


South Africa


A Public health incentive app that rewards patients, healthcare practitioners and community health workers for proactively addressing major health issues and allowing greater access to healthcare for the people in South Africa.

SDG 3: Good Health and Well being
SDG 10: Reducing Inequality
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


Targeted Impact

Healthcare access to underserved population and incentives for healthcare practitioners


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Impact Areas

We are addressing access to healthcare for poor people in Africa, creating employment for up to 2 million community health workers and onboarding poor people onto the token economy to access decentralized finance services.

Quantifiable Impact?

We believe that it will facilitate in providing access to healthcare for up to 500million poor people, as well as provide employment for up to 2million community health workers across sub-Saharan Africa, at the same time onboarding these populations onto the token economy and enabling them access to Decentralized Finance services.

Problem - Gap

The 3 major problems we are addressing in public health are: 1. Non Adherence to medicine prescriptions, costing Governments, Pharmaceuticals and the global healthcare economy upwards of +$1.3 trillion. in lost revenues. 2 A lack of Digitization of public healthcare records and medical occurrences such as patient-practitioner interactions, which means that public health records have no data provenance (ie; data context or the ""what happened"" in every healthcare delivery instance). This results in inaccurate public health data around disease prevalence, disease progression, drug toxicity, effect of interventions and mitigations amongst other statistics. 3. Unemployment of trained and skilled Community Health Workers (200,000 in SA and a projected 2 million in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030, whose Governments cannot afford to pay their salaries but are a core pillar to overcoming burden of chronic disease in emerging economies according to UNAIDS and World Health Organization recommendations.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

"We use Blockchain to tokenize fiat Donor funding into Dai stablecoin, which we then re-distribute as Dai token incentives to patients, practitioners and community health workers for recorded and completed healthcare activities such as testing for HIV and TB, initiating and adhering to prescribed medicines and treatment. All of these recorded activities are written to the Ethereum blockchain as transactions and linked to a database of healthcare interactions, thus generating real time health data and context around what actually happened at every incentivized healthcare delivery instance. The reason we use incentives is to gamify the healthcare system and experience by incentivizing patient behavior change, while also incentivizing and improving quality of healthcare delivery from health practitioners. The bigger picture is to capture value and data of every healthcare delivery interaction, and use analytics and data insights to make sense of behavior, disease information and system capabilities to assist in better decision making and mitigating sooner to save lives and improve access and quality of healthcare in emerging economies."

Team Members

All our members work part time due to a lack of funding to employ them on a full time basis. We have added both Github profiles and Linkedin profiles for our key developers Team members 1. Gugulethu Nyathi Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Role: Team Lead, Business Development & Business Affairs Skills: Team Management, Business Development, Concept Development, Customer Acquisitions 2. Christopher Maree Location: Cape Town, South Africa Role: Lead Architect Skills: Solidity, Vyper, Javascript, C++. Github: https://github.com/chrismaree Linkedin: 3. Onuwa Nnachi Isaac Location: Uyo, Nigeria Role: Front End developer Skills: Javascript , Solidity, Vyper, Vue, Front End development Github: 4. Veronica Coutts Location: Cape Town, South Africa Role: Project Manager & Smart Contracts developer Skills: Vyper, Solidity, TypeScript, JavaScript, Scrum practices, Agile Development, Project Management, Project Manager, Smart contracts development Github: https://github.com/Nicca42 5. Allan Katongole Location: Kampala, Uganda Role: Back End Developer Skills: Python, Javascript, Solidity, Back End development Github: https://github.com/KapsonLabs Linkedin: 6. Siphamandla Brian Mjoli Location: Grahamstown, South Africa Role: Full Stack Development Skills: Solidity, Vue, Javascript, C++, Full Stack Development, Blockchain Game Development Github: https://github.com/Brianspha Linkedin: 7. Ben Onuoha Location: Johannesburg, South Africa Role: Investor Relations & Blockchain Strategy Skills: People Management, Business Development, Community Relations, Project Management, Strategic management, Strategy Advisor 8. Joshua Cassidy Location: London, United Kingdom Role: Project Mentor & Technical Advisory Skills: Solidity, Javascript, Software Architecture, Project Management, Blockchain Development 9. Simon Emanuel Schmid Location: Zürich, Switzerland Role: UX Engineering Advisor Skills: User Experience development, Solidity, Javascript/React, TypeScript, Software Architecture, Lean Startup Methods

Applicant's Name

Gugulethu Nyathi, Team Lead, Business Development & Business Affairs



Open Source



Concept Definition

Our project is a public health incentives app that pays out incentives to patients, healthcare practitioners and community health workers for predetermined national keypoint health activities.

Support of B4H Goals

Our project aligns with Blockchain4Humanity's vision for inclusion, empowerment, open source development and transparency by enabling access to healthcare, creating employment for community health workers, keeping the source code open, and enabling transparency in Donor Aid and funding. We also onboarding left behind populations onto the Blockchain token economy, enabling them access to DeFi services.

External Funding If Any

We were awarded the ConsenSys Social Impact Grant of $25000 in July 2019, which enabled us to develop the Proof of Concept app. As a result, we have interest from 3 x potential clients that are interested in a commercial version of the app and we're currently in development and iteration to meet this demand.

Development Stage and Next Steps

"We have a working prototype demo app that onboards 3 types of users (patient, practitioner, community health worker) and pays out incentives to all via an ERC20 token; while capturing prescription information and allowing patients to rate their healthcare experience and generating specific data sets with tested market demand. The next stage is to build out a commercial Beta app and pilot it with our 3 x potential clients that are interested in the commercial version of the app. We're also looking to build a GSM feature phone USSD wallet that enables users without smartphones to access and transact their tokens without need of a smartphone or internet access. We will also link this whole system to a Point of Sale system for retail store till point transactions and Dai token offboard to fiat."

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