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A digital blue inspired organization to help the planet by cultivating Algae and seaweed on the oceans.

SDG 14: Life Below Water
SDG 15: Life on Land
SDG 17: #Coalitions4GOOD AKA Partnership for Goals

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SDG14 by nature to cultivating seaweed and macro-algae. SDG16 by the Digital Blue Hubs to provide resolvable and invocable data to fortress institutions and government for Natural Resource licenses and procedures of ADR SDG17 because it is a priority to help the world together.

Quantifiable Impact?

30 farmers in Europe, 20 in Kenya

Problem - Gap

Inspired by the World Bank study we promote cultivation of macro-algae and natural resources monitoring and licensing and traceability of the farming in the ocean to issue blue bonds by Digital Blue Hub’s spaces to organizations, farmers, authorities and investors.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies? We are building a universal digital twin the oceans for farming Seaweed and that cannot be accomplished alone. It is a multiprotocol we have three main chains interconnected thru a cross-authentication process some pieces are ethereum based others are our own sidechain in ethereum and also testing Besu applications with an active node in LaCChain and Quorum-T alastria. But not limited meanwhile connecting centralized pieces.

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Alvaro Vizcaíno, CEO


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Support of B4H Goals

External Funding If Any

Not yet but applying some future calls.

Development Stage and Next Steps

We are offering a trusted technology with multiple architectural pieces some of them are TRL 8/7 and 6 others depends on the ongoing naturally to implement on the farmers our aim is to build the movement accordingly and onboarding nowadays policy makers in some areas.

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