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More than 30% of the goods that go towards humanitarian development and relief disappear every year. Our platform delivers granular insight into the supply chains responsible for these shipments and drives vision into eliminating this loss.

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 3: Good Health and Well being
SDG 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

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We address humanitarian relief and development.

Quantifiable Impact?

In the US alone more than 27 Billion USD is spent on humanitarian and development aid. This equates to an annual loss of 9 Billion USD which we aim to eliminate.

Problem - Gap

As previously stated, more than 30% of the goods that flow though supply chains in the context of humanitarian relief go missing. Less goods equals less good. We aim to reduce that loss by giving clear line of sight into the supply chain at a granular level from manufacture through to consumption.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Hyperledger Fabric with each choke point in the chain assigned a smart wallet and every asset assigned a sovereign digital twin. "The project is built entirely in Hyperledger Fabric and runs 100% on chain. Initially we conceived of a non-blockchain design of the project but realized that in order to deliver the transparency and immutable insight into the supply line that was critical to our vision blockchain would have to be at the core of our architecture. Since then the design has been built in such a way that it can only run on chain as every asset is assigned a digital twin as it flows through both the real world supply chain and the virtual one"

Team Members

Matthew Rosen, CEO full-Time Alona Ioanidis, CMO part-time Akash Takyar, development, part time,

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Matthew Rosen, CEO



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Support of B4H Goals

We believe that sustainable impact starts from the bottom up. Delivering improved tools at the grass roots level will help ensure that changes are impactful and long-term. Blockchain offers a disruptive opportunity to effect the hierarchy of change while still delivering on transparency and trust.

External Funding If Any

The project is in the implementation stage. We have some projects in operation in the world. We have received 300,000 USD in outside funding to build our platform.

Development Stage and Next Steps

We are being implemented in Nigeria as part of a two year roll out by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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