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VenezVit aims at fulfilling unmet needs for live-saving medications to reach people in need. Depending on the country, some regulations impose disposal of medications (from diseased patients) that have been unused and in good conditions to take. VenezVit wants to create an application that helps distribute donated and recycled medications to where it is needed most and can help save lives.

SDG 3: Good Health and Well being


Targeted Impact

Healthcare related donations/contributions for Countries in need


Proof of Concept

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Impact Areas

Facilitate the NGO's work and allowing them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Quantifiable Impact?

We will know the specific needs of different regions. We can determine which med should be send to which destination. This means that there is a stop of wasting medication. In EU...medications left unused for different reasons can be recycled. Indeed, from 2007 by law in EU, all unused prescriptions (even still good to use) go to waste. This is the impact Venezvit will bring to the people in need of those medications

Problem - Gap

From one side, NGO run into difficulty in terms of traceability, transparency and trust. Whereas, political issues, corruption and lack of trust can often lead to delivery postponement or even loss of humanitarian goods, lack of traceability on the last mile of the NGO’s supply chain encourages black market augmentation and inefficient resupply.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

With blockchain we can have valuable trusted information about medication dispensation, tracing the entire distribution.

Team Members

key team player is me a polish girls who believes and who knows how to motivate a huge network around me (for free, for now).... but I'm working on funding. In France is much easier to have the resources and to develop a team.

Applicant's Name

Jagoda Hebda, CEO



Open Source



Concept Definition

VenezVit fulfils unmet needs of the NGOs. We believe that using our service, we will significantly enhance activity and incentivize public and private medication donated to NGOs all around the world.

Support of B4H Goals

The VenezVit solution will significantly enhance medicine traceability on the NGOs last mile supply chain, assuring that fraud, error and black market augmentation are prevented. Each time the medication arrives and is dispensed to the patient, geolocation and proof of patient donation will also be registered on the VenezVit platform. In addition, NGOs will gain better visibility of the real medical needs of the different countries, avoiding imprecise needs/prescribing estimations, wasted medication, and therefore managing the resupply more efficiently.

External Funding If Any

In progress to be decide if we are association ar SAS/SASU

Development Stage and Next Steps

PoC with the major NGO in France and prototype

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