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They have built two networks on blockchain that solve problems of the everyday economy. The first one is MonedaPar.com, which allows 800 micro-SMEs in many different Argentinian cities to sell more and access to credit. On the other hand, Discoin was launched a year after MonedaPar. It is a network which encourages citizens to shop local at 40 shops in La Plata, Argentina. Thanks to Discoin, local businesses can use their idle capacity, while keeping the wealth within the city.

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MonedaPar, the first use case, users can obtain PAR tokens by selling products or services. They can also access loans at zero interest rate through a system of endorsements. This is done through the wallet (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.test.waba.par), digital market (http://mercado.monedapar.com/) and APIs developed by WABA.network. Transactions can take place at points of sale or at the digital market. MonedaPar is nowadays one of the most used blockchain apps in Latin America and the Caribbean (last weekend it was the 4th most used dApp running on BitShares among the social category regarding StateoftheDapps --

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There are 15 million micro-SMEs (99% of all operating companies) that generate between 25 and 50% of the region's GDP. But more important than their economic value is their social value: they employ 70 million people and 50% of their purchases are made to other SMEs. This shows their commitment with the local community. They stay in the territory despite crisis and unfavorable local regulation.

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Local shops and micro-SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean find themselves under extremely unfavorable conditions. They face external competition by big corporations, which drain the wealth of communities towards their headquarters out of the region. At the same time their access to credit is restricted and the availability of digital or alternative means of payment is limited. This situation is most notably pressing in the thousands of middle-sized and small municipalities of the region. 

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Marina Solanas- Co-CEO Sebastián Valdecantos- Co-CEO Pablo Tutino- TECHNICAL LEAD




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