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The most efficient donation of fresh food to those in need

SDG 2: Zero Hunger
SDG 3: Good Health and Well being
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Food Security

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Beta - working version or MVP

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Impact Areas

Fresh Food supply Security (Zero Hunger and Good Health and well-being). Improvement of local commerce (Responsible consumption and production).

Quantifiable Impact?

We can increase current donation efficiency from 66% to 91% providing at the same time local increase in monetary mass that increases employment.

Problem - Gap

Food donation systems are broken, Food Banks has enormous logistic problems with goods and volunteers, food paper vouchers are expensive to manage, and given pre-paid Supermarket debit cards only benefits the P&L accounts of these big stores, money flies in and out of the deprived neighborhoods. With Wikibank, instead of donating money to a person or an ONG, you donate to a store located in a market in a deprived district, in this case, we have started in the poorest neighbourhood in Spain (and one of the poorest in Europe) “Polígono Sur” That donation is then converted into tokens and distributed to the most vulnerable, so they can buy fresh food without the need of a bank account or a credit card. We provide them with an app; (in Android or iOS) based in opensource DPoS, which has a fantastic UX, really easy to understand to people with lowest computer literacy.

Use Case: Why use blockchain or other technologies?

Very specific benefits. Traceability of donations (transparency); where was the money going and how it was expended. Much lower management costs. Speed (transactions in 5 seconds), and Secure (avoid double-spending) and non-custodial management of tokens. We had qualitative specific feedback of local ONGs, every user (donee) and commerces involved, the project is indeed successful among all stakeholders involved.

Team Members

Miguel Prados Rodriguez Luciano Silvi Adriana Cubel A. Perez Vera Theo Horsey  CEO  CTO  CMO  Finance  Internship

Applicant's Name

Miguel Prados, CEO


Fuse Chain - Ethereum Sidechain

Open Source



Concept Definition

Support of B4H Goals

External Funding If Any

Self- funded, we're actively looking for funds

Development Stage and Next Steps

> Project: started January 2020, first transactions June 2020 > Current presence: 5 grocery shops (Polígono Sur, Seville), 25 EUR average donation, 4.000 EUR average transactions/month, 800 EUR/grocery > 30 families helped > Fintech finalist EUGrant (, Caixabank and Golden Panda (China). > Forecast December 2020: 15 grocery shops, 12.000 EUR average transactions/month > Forecast December 2021: expand to 10 poorest districts in Spain

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